Honey Smacks Outbreak – Keep it in Perspective

The CDC has just given us one more reason not to be eating Kellogg’s Honey Smacks. The CDC website states that traces of Salmonella have been found in the cereal amidst a multi-state outbreak, which has hospitalized 30 people. The CDC is urging people to throw out any uneaten cereal regardless of package dating.

Salmonella should be taken seriously, especially when serving to young children whose immune systems are not fully developed. Not to derogate the seriousness of this situation, but we are missing the point when we curtail eating sugary cereals just because of an outbreak. There is a much larger outbreak going on and it is out of control. It is the daily consummation of sugar in the American diet. Few parents would plop their kids down to a breakfast of three Oreo cookies and milk, but Kellogg’s Honey Smacks contains more sugar than those three cookies. Yes, they add the ubiquitous vitamins and minerals that most cookies do not have.

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Certified Food Protection Manager – Do I need this?

I find frequently when talking with food service managers that there is confusion with the term “certified” and its definition. Here is some information regarding the term “CFPM or Certified Food Protection Manager”.

According to the McLean County Health Department, “All commercial food establishments and restaurants in McLean County, Illinois, are required to employ a Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM)”. These establishments are ones that serve or sells food such as day cares, hospitals, travel centers, nursing homes, cafés, coffee shops just to name a few.

This certification attests that a manager or person-in-charge has sufficient food safety knowledge to protect the public from food borne illness. The manager or person-in-charge has the responsibility to ensure that safe food practices are being observed in their operation. They also are responsible to teach other employees these practices.

So how does one obtain the Certified Food Protection Manager designation? In order to become a CFPM, an employee must complete an 8 hour training (classroom or online) in food safety and pass an accredited exam.

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Coming in May – New Class Location !

Hello Food Managers!

I will be re-locating to a new location at 616 IAA Drive, Bloomington, Illinois in the Compass Counselors Building the beginning of May. My new site is being remodeled at this time and will include a demo kitchen for a hands on approach to food manager training.

Stay tuned for the opening date!

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